Sheer Swimsuit Bikini

The sheer swimsuit bikini is the best friend of the sun worshipper who abhors tan lines. These types of swimsuits are also known as tan-through beachwear and can come in one-piece or two-piece designs. Tan-through swimsuits often look like any normal swimsuit, but a closer inspection will reveal that the fabric used in these garments have tiny holes in them that permit the sun to shine through, giving the body a lineless tan. Some materials may already be quite revealing when dry and are even more revealing when wet. Some designs also have fabrics of very light colors blended in to achieve a see-through effect. This type of swimwear is the perfect option for those who do not want to go completely barenaked on the beach but want to have the lineless tans that come with sunbathing in the nude.

Styles of sheer bathing suits

Going sheer allows you to pick various styles and designs of bathing suits that are made from gauze-like materials. You can go for two-pieces if you want a little bit of coverage when dry. From conventional bathing suit styles to the most extreme in skimpy bikinis, one can choose any style and design of tan-through beachwear that strikes her fancy. Those who do not want to go all out but still want to wear tan-through garments, they have the option of choosing between opaque and semi-opaque pieces that deliver different kinds of coverage.

Aside from swimming attire, there are also great see-through cover-up options for those who want wraparounds to match their barely-there bikinis. This is often the best option for those who do not want too much exposure when out of the water.

Different types of transparent bikinis include teardrop and triangular tops, bandeau swimwear, mesh scarf, and even open net or sling mesh garments. Other manufacturers also allow women to mix and match mesh pieces in order to come up with combinations that are uniquely their own.

Sun protection with sheer two-pieces

Because sheer bathing suits expose the body to the sun, wearers are always advised to use lotion in every part of the body, even those covered by the bathing apparel. Experts advise wearers to use sunblock with SPF factors ranging from 15 to 45, depending on their skin type. Wearers with very fair skin should opt for sun block with the highest value of SPF. When out of the water, one can also slip into a sexy sarong, skirt, or a pair of shorts to maintain modesty.