Swimsuit Bikini

Summertime always brings in a mad dash for the perfect swimsuit bikini. It is not a surprise that long before summer arrives, designers and retailers are coming out with their swimsuits for the season in every design and size to fit any body type or size.

If you have not done any beachwear shopping just yet, it may be a good idea to check out a few bikini tips. There are a lot of two-piece styles and designs out there that will work for you, but some styles may work better than others. Even the color of the garment can affect how you will look in a bikini. If you love to wear micro swimsuits, for example, the color is the first thing that others will notice aside from the fact that what you are wearing is really doing more revealing than concealing.

swimsuit bikini

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Two-pieces that show off your assets

Bathing suits are usually made of elastic blends of nylon, Spandex, or Lycra and cotton, which is why any body size can fit into one. You can surely find a bathing suit, no matter how small, that will enhance the body parts that you want to show off and hide those that you want to grab less attention. For those who want to reap the fruits of their backbreaking labors on the treadmill, small bikinis will allow them to do just that. This extreme form of the slinky two-piece takes a lot of guts to wear, but if you are confident enough, you can surely pull one off with no problem.

Swimwear for any type of beach activity

Your level of activity on the beach is another consideration. If you are expecting a fairly active day of beach volleyball or water polo, it’s probably best to put the teensy weensy micro string swimsuit aside and go for a sporty seaside look, such as halters and racerback tops. This way you get to run and jump as long as you want without worrying that a string could break and your breasts could fall out. You can always slip into the tiny bathing suit that is best suited for tanning the moment you decide to have a break from playing sports.

Where to buy

Conventional two-pieces or one-pieces can be easily bought from your local department stores and malls. However, if you are looking for more revealing and exotic garments, you will have more luck going to specialty swimwear stores and bathing apparel boutiques.